Hyaluronidase Medium
  • Hyaluronidase Medium

Hyaluronidase Medium

Hyaluronidase Medium

Application: denudation of cumulus ovules (COCs)

REF: RS-HYL10 10 ml

Hyaluronidase environment brochure (download)

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Hyaluronidase medium sterility test report (download)

Fever test report using LAL method of hyaluronidase medium (download)

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General information

Application: denudation of cumulus ovules (COCs)

Storage conditions and duration: Store in a refrigerator (2-8℃) and away from light. This product can be used up to 10 weeks after the production date (if the sterile packaging is not opened).

Considerations for waste disposal: It should be done according to the laboratory waste disposal instructions.

Ingredients: This product contains hyaluronidase enzyme at the rate of 80 IU/ml in a medium containing bicarbonate buffer, HEPES and human serum albumin (HSA).


The following protocol has been demonstrated to be effective for denudation of human cumulus-oocyte masses (COCs) and is provided as an example only:

1- The hyaluronidase medium is heated to a temperature of 37 degrees Celsius.
2- A dish containing one drop of 100 microliters of hyaluronidase and three to five drops of 100 microliters of HTF medium with HEPES buffer is prepared for egg washing and mineral oil is added to cover the drops completely.
3- A maximum of five cumulus-egg masses are placed in the hyaluronidase drop and repeated pipetting is done by a pipette with a suitable diameter until a part of the cumulus cell mass is separated (maximum 60 seconds).
4- Using a pipette with a suitable diameter, transfer the existing mass to the first drop of HTF medium containing HEPES buffer.
5- Corona radiata cells should be removed by repeated egg pipetting.


1- The user must read this manual completely and receive the necessary training before using the product.
2- This product cannot be used for injection into the body.
3- Do not re-sterilize the product.
4- Avoid using the product if you see the following:
- Presence of damage in sterile packaging
- The expiration date has passed
- Color change, turbidity or the presence of suspended particles or sediment.
5- This product contains human serum albumin (HSA).
6- This product contains the antibiotic gentamycin sulfate, so it should be used with caution in patients who are allergic to this antibiotic.
7- When using this product, in order to prevent contamination, aseptic methods should be used.
8- This product can be used safely up to 7 days after opening the sterile package.