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Ravan Sazeh Company was established in Tehran in 1370 with the aim of operating in various sectors of construction, construction, road construction, oil, gas, energy and petrochemical industries.
After years of successful activity in the above fields and based on the abilities and capabilities as well as the scientific and practical records and experiences of the founders and senior managers of the company, since 2008 and with the beginning of the construction and equipping of the center in a space of more than 700 square meters In Pardis Science and Technology Park, we entered the field of research and production of all kinds of medical and laboratory equipment, materials and supplies.
After the completion of the construction and equipping of the building in 2013, in order to increase productivity and speed things up, in the first step, we focused on research activities and the application of advanced technologies in the fields of infertility and embryology. And research has been carried out in order to compensate the country's need for imports; The design and production of the CO2 incubator was approved as the first strategic product of the company and was placed on the agenda.
Finally, in 2015 and after the tireless efforts of our colleagues, we succeeded in the final production of the first samples of CO2 incubators in Iran, which fortunately were approved by them after being used in various research, medical and academic centers in the country. This company won the title of Basic Knowledge in 2016.
This company, having appropriate infrastructure and equipment based on the world's standards, has created the conditions to transform the knowledge of experts through innovative and technological processes into high quality products that can compete with the production products of the most reputable companies in the world. Today, after several years of continuous and successful activity in the field of research, development and production of all kinds of materials and equipment used in infertility treatment centers, we can proudly present more than 50 of our products that have passed quality control and clinical tests with complete success. have passed to introduce and present to you.
We are proud and thank God that by making it possible to produce these vital and important products, while solving the problems in supplying these items - caused by sanctions - and creating significant currency savings, we have completely removed dependence on imports by guaranteeing quality and We have made it possible to access our products quickly and on time.

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