Arina Ryan group

Arina Rayan group

Arina Rayan Biotechnology Research and Development Company (private shares) with nearly 50 real and legal shareholders from all over the country who are mainly doctors, managers and shareholders and owners of specialized and sub-specialized medical centers in the country in 2018 in Tehran with the aim of investment and development Businesses related to medical biotechnology were established in Iran.

In the first step, this company bought 90% of the shares of Danesh Benian Ravon Sazeh, located in Pardis Technology Park, which is known as the first and only producer of a complete set of materials and consumables for infertility treatment centers in Iran. Development and optimization of physical space, training and development of human capital, development of the product portfolio, obtaining more than 20 manufacturing licenses from the General Department of Medical Equipment, establishing a refinery for maternity products, extracting exosome and using it in cosmetics and health products, obtaining approval in principle from the organization Food and medicine for activities in the field of biological products, standardization of financial and warehouse systems, full establishment of quality control and assurance systems and ISO 13485, development of clean room space in accordance with the increase of production capacity of products, approval of several research projects in the vice president's scientific and technology office , the conclusion of the memorandum of understanding for the establishment and launch of the accelerator with the Vice President of Science and Technology, etc., was part of the most important measures after the acquisition of the ownership of Ravon Sazeh by Arina Ryan Group.

After that, Arina Rayan Group acquired 70% of the shares of Kurd Gene Technology Company (Special Shares) located in Kurdistan Science and Technology Park, following numerous technical, financial and legal consultations and reviews. The focus of this company is on research and development of genetic activities, stem cells and transgenic mice. Also, this company is developing the technology of extracting plant exosomes for use in cosmetic and health products as well as therapy.

Arina Rayan Group has registered a new company named "Pishgaman ve Technovaran Karzan Zagros" in Kermanshah province after the success of the experimental stages of producing equipment needed by infertility treatment centers in the research and development department. The main mission of this company is to design and manufacture all kinds of equipment, tools and necessities needed by biotechnology industries.
Today, Arina Ryan Group is proud to provide direct employment for more than 50 young people of our beloved country, most of whom are graduates of prestigious universities and have post-graduate education, and we believe that with the development of activities based on written policies and programs And approved by the group, by the end of 1402, the number of our full-time colleagues will reach more than 100 people.